General Introduction:

KNLsoftware is a software, which helps financial service providers prepare business incorporation documents in record time. It automatically collects data from outside source, which makes the research phase much shorter. Not only that but the preassigned templates make the documents look professional without having to spend hours of designer time to prepare it.

It is a cost-effective solution, which has been used by Malta’s and Cyprus‘s leading financial firms, just like Malta Company Incorporation in Malta.


How can firms acquire the software:

In order for financial providers to receive license for the software, they need be fully approved and complaint of the Malta Financial Services Authority Act or the  Cyprus Financial Services Authority Act.

After approval of the authorities, the company has to prove that it possess the fund for a 3 year license. If the company matches the requirements state, they receive a license for 1 year. (which has to be renewed every year till the 3 year.)

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